Temperance Brennan (“Tempe” for short) is a fictional character created by anthropologist-turned-author Kathy Reichs. Like Reichs, Tempe is an anthropologist born in North Carolina, now working in Montreal.

The character has been loosely adapted into the main character for the Fox television show Bones (portrayed by Emily Deschanel). The TV show character is more based on Reichs herself (although younger), works in Washington D.C. and is more socially awkward. Reichs works as a producer on the series. Reichs has written 16 novels in the Temperance Brennan forensic thriller series. Below is a list of all of the Temperance Brennan books in order of when they were published.

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Publication Order of Temperance Brennan Books

Publication Order of Temperance Brennan Collections

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Temperance Brennan Synopses: Fatal Voyage is the 4th book in the Temperance Brennan series by Kathy Reichs. Temperance Brennan hears shocking news on her car radio at the beginning of the journey. Eighty-eight people on board an Air TransSouth flight have perished in the mountains of western North Carolina. Tempe rushes to the scene as a member of the regional DMORT team and a forensic anthropologist to help with the body’s recovery and identification.

Tempe quickly uncovers a startling piece of evidence in the midst of a flurry of bomb-theory speculation, which forces her to leave the DMORT team and raises perilous questions. Tempe uncovers a shocking, multilayered tale of deceit and depravity as she probes her way into frightening territory—where someone wants to stop her in her tracks—relentlessly in her pursuit of its significance.

Grave Secrets by Kathy Reichs is the fifth book in the Temperance Brennan series. Twenty-three of the victims of a massacre who were buried in a well in the Guatemalan village of Chupan Ya two decades ago are known as “the disappeared.” Tempe Brennan leads a team of experts on a meticulous, heartbreaking investigation into the violence of the past. On a chilling satellite call, however, the horrifying sounds of a fatal attack on two colleagues trigger a new wave of terror. Tempe joins forces with Special Crimes Investigator Bartolome Galiano and Montreal detective Andrew Ryan to investigate the disappearances of four privileged young women from Guatemala City. She soon finds herself in dangerous territory where power, money, greed, and science meet.

Bare Bones is book 6 in the Temperance Brennan series by author Kathy Reichs. Tempe Brennan does not use the term “down time” in her conversations. Her plans for a vacation have been put on hold due to a series of troubling incidents; Instead, she goes to the lab to look at the charred remains of a suspicious fire and a dark substance from a small plane crash that is not clear. The bones, on the other hand, are the most troubling aspect. The new boyfriend of Tempe’s daughter invites them to a picnic in the North Carolina countryside, where they discover a cache of bones. However, are they human or animal? DNA and x-rays may be able to connect the crimes, but they cannot reveal who is approaching Tempe and her daughter or how far they will go to conceal the truth.

Devil Bones is the 11th novel in Kathy Reichs’ Temperance Brennan series. Here Tempe must ID two corpses much to the shagrin of a group of citizen vigilantes. In Charlotte, North Carolina, Tempe is investigating some bones that were found during a renovation that may be linked to voodoo. Does the skull of a teenage girl the head of the decapitated body found at a lake?

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