Assassin is a series of thriller novels by author Russell Blake. The series is an epic assassination thriller series. The books contain jarring imagery and situations and is not for the faint of heart.


Russell Blake is an author of suspense and thriller novels. He is the author of several different series, including the Dr. Steven Cross, Assassin, Delphi Chronicle, Jet and Black series, plus several standalone novels and the satirical non-fiction book How To Sell a Gazillion eBooks in No Time. Russell likes on the Pacific coast of […]


Daniel Silva is an American author of spy thriller and historical fiction novels. He is best known for his Gabriel Allon series. However, Silva also has some other classic books, as he had written 3 fiction novels prior to the Allon book, 2 of them starring recurring characters in the Michael Osbourne series.


Gabriel Allon is the fictional creation of author Daniel Silva. Silva had previously written 3 other books, including a short series of 2 novels starring CIA employee Michael Osbourne. The Michael Osbourne books also gave the perspective of an assassin, and the writing from the assassins viewpoint always seemed more “lively”, so it’s no surprise […]