Order of Delilah Street Books

Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator is a series of urban fantasy novels by American author Carole Nelson Douglas. The eponymous character works as a TV reporter covering the paranormal in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Order of Midnight Louie Books

Midnight Louie is the feline protagonist in two series of mystery novels by Carole Nelson Douglas. In the main Midnight Louie series, the feline sleuth teams up with a public relations freelancer named Temple Barr in Las Vegas, Nevada. In the earlier Cat and a Playing Card series, Midnight Louie goes solo.


Order of Irene Adler Books

Irene Adler is the protagonist in a series of historical suspense novels by American novelist Carole Nelson Douglas. Irene Adler is the only woman to ever outwit Sherlock Holmes. Aside from her sleuthing, she is an opera singer. Although Adler is American, the series is set in 19th century France. The character is portrayed by […]


Order of Sword & Circlet Books

The Sword and Circlet series, also known as the Irissa and Kendric series, is a series of fantasy novels by American author Carole Nelson Douglas. The series includes the Six of Swords duology (Six of Swords & Exiles of the Rynth) and the Sword & Circlet trilogy (Keepers of Edanvant, Heir of Rengarth & Seven […]


Order of Carole Nelson Douglas Books

Carole Nelson Douglas is an American novelist of mystery novels (including cozies), suspense novels, thriller novels, fantasy novels and women’s fiction. She writes the Sword and Circlet fantasy series, Midnight Louie series, Delilah Street: Paranormal Investigator series and Irene Adler series. She went to college for theatre and English literature before graduating and working as […]