Order of Sea Haven Books

Sea Haven is the location of two paranormal romance series by American author Christine Feehan. The town is home to the Drake sisters – all seven of them. Christine herself had ten sisters, which is what inspired her to create a series about a large family. The other series is the Sisters of the Heart […]


Order of Leopard People Books

Leopard People (often simplified as the “Leopard series”) is a paranormal romance series by American novelist Christine Feehan. Each book in the series follows a different leopard-shifter and their love interest.


Order of GhostWalkers Books

GhostWalkers is a series of paranormal romance novels by American author Christine Feehan. The GhostWalkers are the creation of a scientist who has found a way to increase the natural psychic ability, enabling military men who have already been highly trained into human weapons – for instance, allowing them to sneak by the enemy’s guard […]


Order of Dark Books

The Dark series is a paranormal romance series by American author Christine Feehan. The series is also known as the Carpathian series, which refers to an endangered ancient race of shapeshifters who live for thousands of years. The Carpathians feed on human blood, but do not kill humans for prey and mostly limit amongst humans […]


Order of Christine Feehan Books

Christine Feehan is an American author of paranormal romance and is the author of the Dark/Carpathian, GhostWalkers, Sea Haven and Leopard People series. Christine grew up in a big family with ten sisters and three brothers, and forced her sisters to read all of her writing growing up. Today, Christine and her husband Richard have […]