Order of John Pearce Books

John Pearce is the central character in a series of historical naval fiction by Scottish author David Donachie. Set in the late 18th century, Pearce is a young firebrand who has been taken from Pelican tavern to aboard the deck of the war-bound HMS Brilliant.


Order of Privateersman Books

The Privateersman Mysteries is a series of historical nautical fiction by Scottish author David Donachie that also includes mystery aspects. Harry Ludlow is forced out of the Royal Navy, so he joins up with his brother James in the privateering business.


Order of David Donachie Books

David Donachie is a Scottish novelist of nautical/historical fiction. David claims to have had more jobs in his life than birthdays, but today he writes full-time. Donachie has also written under the pen names Tom Connery and Johnny “Two Combs” Howard and currently also uses the pseudonym Jack Ludlow. His series include the Privateersman Mysteries, […]