Order of Vatta’s War Books

Vatta’s War is a military science fiction series of novels by American novelist Elizabeth Moon. The protagonist of the series of Kylara Vatta, whose family runs an interstellar shipping business called Vatta Enterprises. She wishes to start her own life by enrolling into the academy, but is forced to quit and work for the family […]


Order of Paksenarrion Books

The Paksenarrion universe, also known as the Paksworld universe, is a series of science fiction/fantasy novels by American author Elizabeth Moon. The original trilogy series, entitled Deed of Paksenarrion, follows Paksenarrion Dorthansdotter (aka Paks). Other series in the universe include Legacy of Gird and Paladin’s Legacy.


Order of Serrano Legacy Books

The Serrano Legacy is a series of sci-fi/space opera novels by American novelist Elizabeth Moon. The series is also known as the Familias Regnant series.


Order of Elizabeth Moon Books

Elizabeth Moon is an American author of military science fiction and fantasy novels. She writes the Paksenarrion universe series, Familias Regnant universe (aka the Serrano Legacy) series and Vatta’s War series. Elizabeth got her Bachelor’s degree in History from Rice University before joining the U.S. Marines. Her sci-fi novels largely have military themes, but also […]