Order of Georgia Books

The Georgia series is a series crime fiction novels by American author Karin Slaughter that combines the characters from her Grant County and Will Trent series.


Order of Grant County Books

Grant County is a series of crime fiction novels by American novelist Karin Slaughter. It is considered to be the series that Slaughter is best known for. It is set in the a fictional county in the town of Heartsdale (also fictional). The series follows Sara Linton (pediatrician and part-time coroner), Jeffrey Tolliver (her ex […]


Order of Karin Slaughter Books

Karin Slaughter is an American novelist who won the Dagger Award from the Crime Writers’ Association for Best Thriller Debut of 2001. Slaughter is a native of Georgia, which is where she sets her novels. She started out with two series – Grant County and Will Trent and eventually brought the characters together in the […]