Tom Rob Smith is an English novelist of historical fiction and thriller novels. He writes the Leo Demidov/Child 44 series, which was inspired by Russian child murderer Andrei Chikatilo. The rights for Child 44 have been optioned by Ridley Scott. Smith graduated from St. John’s College, Cambridge and then went on to study at Parvin […]


The Betrayed series is a historical thriller series by American author Carolyn McCray. The series is considered to be revisionist historical fiction, challenging Dan Brown in the controversy department.


The Ruthenia Quintet is a series of historical thriller/mystery novels by American author Olen Steinhauer. The series is set in Eastern Europe. The series starts in 1948 and ends with the fall of communism in 1989. One book represents a decade. Each book follows a different main character. The series is also known as The […]


Olen Steinhauer is an American novelist of historical and spy mysteries/thrillers. He is the author of the Ruthenia Quintet and the Milo Weaver series. The New York Times said of him, “Not since John le Carre has a writer so vividly evoked the multilayered, multifaceted, deeply paranoid world of espionage, in which identities and allegiances […]