The Miss Fortune Mysteries series is a series of cozy mystery novels by Jana DeLeon. The protagonist of the series is Fortune Redding, who is a CIA assassin who is trying to lay low in Sinful, Louisiana. And as soon as she gets there, bodies begin to turn up…


Mystere Parish is a series of romantic suspense trilogies by American novelist Jana DeLeon.


The Ghost-in-Law series is a series of paranormal mystery/romance novels by American author Jana DeLeon. The series follows the ghost of Helena Haunt, who haunts her daughter-in-law (Maryse Robicheaux) and friends, while looking to solve her own murder. The series is set in the Louisiana bayous.


Jana DeLeon is an American novelist of mystery and romance novels. She writes the Ghost-in-Law Mystery and Romance, Miss Fortune Mysteries and Mystere Parish series. Jana was raised in the bayous of Louisiana, which is the setting of much of her novels. Before becoming an author, she was a CFO who left the corporate world […]