Order of Sam Capra Books

Sam Capra is the protagonist in a series of thriller novels by Jeff Abbott. Sam Capra was a CIA agent, dedicated husband and expecting father who lost everything that was important to him. He now uses his skills to find the people who took his family from him and help and protect those who need […]


Order of Jordan Poteet Books

Jordan Poteet is a fictional character featured in a series of detective fiction novels by American author Jeff Abbott. The series is set in Texas and is centered around Poteet’s eccentric family, living in a small town in Texas.


Order of Jeff Abbott Books

Jeff Abbott is an American author of detective fiction, suspense and thriller novels. A common theme in Abbott’s work is when every day people fall into danger and must fight to return everything to normal. He has several series characters, including Jordan Poteet, Whit Mosley and Sam Capra.