Wyatt Hunt is a character created by American novelist John Lescroart. Wyatt Hunt is a private investigator based out of San Francisco who is featured in this crime thriller series.


Abe Glitsky is a fictional character created by American author John Lescroart. The Abe Glitsky series is a spin-off of the Dismas Hardy series, which the Glitsky character also appears in.


Dismas Hardy is a fictional character and series by American author John Lescroart. In addition to his own books, the Dismas Hardy character also appears and is referenced in books featuring Abe Glitsky and Gina Roake.


John T. Lescroart is an American novelist who writes legal and crime thrillers centered around Dismas Hardy and his associates around him. The characters in his series books (Abe Glitsky, Wyatt Hunt and Gina Roake) commonly cross over to his others series, creating an entire connected universe of legal thrillers.

Written by Jenny Brady on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

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