Order of Paladin Of Shadows Books

Paladin of Shadows is a series of military science fiction/thriller novels by American novelist John Ringo. The lead character is an ex-Navy SEAL named Mike “Ghost” Harmon. Ghost is excellent in battle and generally successful in life, however he is a self-admitted sexual predator with several personal demons that he must control. Despite this, he […]


Order of Empire Of Man Books

The Empire of Man series is a series of military science fiction/space opera novels by David Weber and John Ringo. The series is also known as the Prince Roger series and also as the March Upcountry series. The books follow Prince Roger and his personal guard as they must cross the planet of Marduk. Roger […]


Order of Posleen War Books

The Posleen War series is a series of military science fiction novels by American author John Ringo. The series is also known as the Legacy of the Aldenata series. In 2001, a peaceful Galactic Federation makes contact with the human race, and they are being attacked by aliens known as the Posleen. Galactics are unable […]


Order of John Ringo Books

John Ringo is an American novelist of science fiction, fantasy, military fiction, techno-thriller and political thriller novels. He writes the Posleen War series, Empire of Man series, Council Wars series, Paladin of Shadows series and more. Ringo served in the U.S. Army, where he made Specialist after four years of active duty. He then served […]