Posleen War by John Ringo
The Posleen War series is a series of military science fiction novels by American author John Ringo. The series is also known as the Legacy of the Aldenata series. In 2001, a peaceful Galactic Federation makes contact with the human race, and they are being attacked by aliens known as the Posleen. Galactics are unable to fight back, thus they are requesting aid from the humans. But soon, humans are to find out that the Galactics are not exactly as they seem.

John Ringo began his Posleen War series in 2000 with A Hymn Before Battle. The series is broken into several sub-series, including the main story (A Hymn, Gust Front, When the Devil Dances and Hell’s Faire), the Hedren War (currently just Eye of the Storm), the sidestories (all of the novels co-authored by Tom Kratman), the Cally’s War series (all of the novels Julie Cochrane co-authored). The novel The Hero is a spin-off novel. The series is currently ongoing. Below isa list of John Ringo’s Posleen War books in order of when they were first published:

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Publication Order of Posleen War Books

(By: John Ringo, Tom Kratman, Michael Z. Williamson, Julie Cochrane)

Notes: The Hero was co-authored by Michael Z. Williamson. Watch on the Rhine and Yellow Eyes were co-authored by Tom Kratman. Cally’s War, Sister Time and Honor of the Clan were co-authored by Julie Cochrane. The Tuloriad was co-authored by Tom Kratman.

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  1. IndianaGary: 6 years ago

    …except, The Hero has very little to do with anything preceding it.


  2. Libri Lector: 8 years ago

    So I’m guessing I should just read this in the publication order? or read each series and then go back and read the side series and stories? I think I can at least start with “A Hymn Before Battle.”


    • Brandon: 8 years ago

      99% of the time, you can’t go wrong with publication order.


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