Order of John Keller Books

John Paul Keller, simply referred to as Keller, is a character created by American novelist Lawrence Block. Keller is a hitman whose hobbies include stamp collecting.


Order of Bernie Rhodenbarr Books

Bernie Rhodenbarr is a fictional character created by American novelist Lawrence Block. Rhodenbarr is a NYC thief who is an expert lockpick who loves the thrill of breaking and entering. The series is lighter in tone than Block’s Matt Scudder series. The novel The Burglar in the Closet was (loosely) adapted into the film Burglar […]


Order of Matthew Scudder Books

Matthew Scudder is a fictional character who appears in a series of crime fiction novels by American novelist Lawrence Block, set in New York City. Out of the many different characters Lawrence Block has created, the consensus is that Scudder is the greatest of all of them. Matt Scudder is a recovering alcoholic, which has […]


Order of Evan Tanner Books

Evan Michael Tanner, usually referred to simply as Tanner, is a character featured in a series of crime fiction novels by American author Lawrence Block. Tanner fought in the the Korean War and was a perfect soldier until his sleeping quarters was destroyed by shrapnel, leaving him an insomniac.


Order of Lawrence Block Books

Lawrence Block is an American novelist of crime fiction. Block is a very prolific author, best known for his series featuring private investigator Matthew Scudder and one featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr among other series. He has also published novels under the pen names Chip Harrison, Paul Kavanagh, Lee Duncan, Sheldon Lord and others. Most of his […]