Order of Advocate Books

The Advocate is a series of legal suspense/mystery novels by American novelist Teresa Burrell. The lead character of the series is Sabre Orin Brown, a juvenile court attorney whose brother has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. She must search for her brother while at the same time defend her various clients.


Order of Teresa Burrell Books

Teresa Burrell is an American novelist of legal suspense novels. She writes the Advocate series. Burrell ran a private law practice for 12 years, specializing in domestic, criminal and civil cases. She also had a teaching career and has taught kids of all ages, many different backgrounds as well as special needs children. In semi-retirement, […]


Order of Victor Carl Books

Victor Carl is a character featured in a series of legal suspense novels by American author William Lashner. Based out of Philadelphia, Carl works as a defense attorney.


Order of William Lashner Books

William Lashner is an American novelist who started as a trial lawyer. He graduated from the NYU School of Law and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop at the University of Iowa. As a trial lawyer, he served in the Criminal Division of the United States Department of Justice. His legal suspense novels feature Victor Carl, a […]