Order of Victoria Square Books

The Victoria Square Mysteries is a series of mystery novels by American author Lorraine Bartlett. When Artisans Alley manager Ezra Hilton is found bludgeoned to death, Katie Bonner is forced to pick up the managerial duties.


Order of Booktown Books

The Booktown Mysteries is a series of mystery novels by American novelist Lorna Barrett. The central figure in thes series is Tricia Miles, a city slicker who has moved to the small town of Stoneham. She sets up a mystery bookstore, only to find a fellow bookstore owner murdered.


Order of Jeff Resnick Books

The Jeff Resnick Mysteries is a series of supernatural mystery/psychological suspense novels by American author L.L. Bartlett (Lorraine Bartlett). Jeff Resnick was an everyday down-and-out insurance investigator until he was mugged and sustained brain injuries, giving him psychic powers that he cannot control.


Order of Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett Books

Lorraine Bartlett is an American author of mystery and suspense novels. She writes under three pen names, including her own name, L.L. Bartlett and Lorna Barrett. Her series include Jeff Resnick, the Booktown Mysteries and the Victoria Square Mysteries. She gained experience writing characters and plots while writing for romance magazines.