Order of Walt Fleming Books

Walt Fleming is a series of suspense novels by American novelist Ridley Pearson. Walt works as a sheriff in Sun Valley, Idaho.


Order of Kingdom Keepers Books

The Kingdom Keepers is a series of young adult adventure novels by American author Ridley Pearson. The series follows a group of kids called the Kingdom Keepers. Led by Finn Whitman, other members include Charlene Turner, Terry/Donnie Maybeck, Willa Angelo, Dell Philby, Amanda Lockhart, Jessica Lockhart, Wayne Kresky and Wanda Alcott. The antagonists of the […]


Order of Boldt/Matthews Books

Boldt & Matthews is a series of police procedural/suspense novels by American novelist Ridley Pearson. Lou Boldt is a Seattle police detective and Daphne Matthews is a police psychologist.


Order of Ridley Pearson Books

Ridley Pearson is an American author of suspense and thriller novels as well as children’s adventure books. His adult novels include the Walt Fleming series, Chris Klick series and the Lou Boldt and Daphne Matthews series. When asked by his daughter how Peter Pan met Captain Hook, Ridley teamed up with Dave Barry to start […]


Order of Peter and the Starcatchers/Never Land Books

The Peter and the Starcatchers and Never Land series are two series of children’s adventure books by American authors Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson. Ridley came up with the concept for the Peter and the Starcatchers series when his young daughter asked him how Peter Pan met Captain Hook, which became a prequel series to […]