The Survivalist series is a series of survivalist fiction novels by American novelist A. American. Following the collapse of the power grids in the United States, survivalist Morgan Carter and his family must learn how to adapt in a world without electricity, running water or very many of the things modern society is accustomed to […]


A. American is a pseudonym for an American author of survivalist-themed military fiction novels. He writes the Survivalist series. He has been prepping and working with survival communities for over 20 years. He is an outdoorsman who is knowledgeable about the usage of plants for medicinal and nourishment purposes. He also possesses primitive survival skills. […]


The Coming Collapse series is a series of survivalist fiction novels by American author James Wesley Rawles. In the near future, a global economic collapse occurs. Citizens must flee the Chicagoland area and head towards the intermountain west of Bovill, Idaho. The series is also known as the Patriots series, after the first novel in […]


James Wesley Rawles is an American author of survivalist fiction and non-fiction books. He writes the Coming Collapse (aka Patriots) series. Rawles has been a survivalist since he was a teenager. He earned his B.A. from San Jose State University, minoring in military science, history and military history. He spent time serving in the military […]