Written by Brandon Williams on Friday, July 6th, 2012

Kathy Reichs may be best known for her Tempe Brennan series, which is the basis for the Fox TV series Bones, but she has another series quickly gaining popularity with the YA crowd. Code is the next book in Kathy’s Tory Brennan series and while it’s not set to hit shelves till March 7th, 2013, […]


Temperance Brennan (“Tempe” for short) is a fictional character created by anthropologist-turned-author Kathy Reichs. Like Reichs, Tempe is an anthropologist born in North Carolina, now working in Montreal.


American author Kathy Reichs is not only a novelist, but also an anthropologist. This comes in handy writing her Temperance Brennan novels, as Tempe is an anthropologist as well. They also share several of the same personality traits and many of the places that Reichs writes about are places she has been to herself. Kathy […]