Anne Hillerman is an American author of non-fiction books and mystery novels. She is the daughter of mystery author Tony Hillerman and has recently taken over his Leaphorn & Chee series. Before taking over the series, Anne spent over 20 years as a journalist, working for the Albuquerque Journal North and the Santa Fe New […]

Written by Ella Thomson on Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

We have gotten messages asking us about the potential continuation of the Leaphorn and Chee series after the unfortunate passing of author Tony Hillerman, and we are pleased to announce that the series will be continuing under Anne Hillerman, daughter of Tony. Also, Anne will be expanding the role of Jim Chee’s girlfriend, Bernadette Manuelito.


Leaphorn and Chee (also known as the Navajo Mysteries) is a series of detective fiction books by American author Tony Hillerman, which has been taken over by his daughter, Anne Hillerman. “Leaphorn and Chee” refers to the series protagonists Joe Leaphorn and Jim Chee of the Navajo Tribal Police. The two characters work together, but […]


Tony Hillerman (1925-2008) was an American author who wrote several different kinds of books. He is best known for his Leaphorn and Chee detective fiction series. Most of his books revolve around Native American and Southwestern themes. Hillerman also wrote a couple of standalone books, two children’s books, several non-fiction books and some photo books. […]