Order of Leonid McGill Books

Leonid McGill is the central character in a series of hardboiled crime fiction/mystery novels by American novelist Walter Mosley. Leonid is an old-school private investigator based out of Manhattan. McGill is not above taking a shady job in order to get a quick buck.


Order of Easy Rawlins Books

Easy Rawlins is the protagonist in a series of historical mystery novels by American author Walter Mosley. Easy is a WWII vet-turned-hardboiled detective based out of Los Angeles. The books are set in the 1940s up to the 1960s. The series takes a hard look at racial inequities experienced by African-Americans. The character was portrayed […]


Order of Walter Mosley Books

Walter Mosley is an American novelist of crime fiction and historical mystery novels. He is best known for his hardboiled detective series featuring Easy Rawlins. Mosley’s father was an African-American clerk in the U.S. Army and his mother was a personnel clerk of Russian-Jewish descent. As an only child, he used his imagination to fill […]