Simon Toyne
Simon Toyne is a British author of thriller novels. He writes the Sancti Trilogy. Toyne earned his degree in English and Drama from Goldsmiths College in London, England before going on to a career in television that lasted twenty years. After quitting his job as a TV producer, Simon moved to France for six month in order to start working on his writing craft; his goal being to write a thriller. After a night crossing the English Channel during a storm with his family, they decided to look for a hotel in Rouen, France. Upon sight of the Rouen Cathedral spire, Simon got the concept for the citadel in Sanctus.

Simon Toyne became a published novelist in 2011 with Sanctus. His novels have been translated into 27 languages and published in 40 countries to date. Below is a list of Simon Toyne’s books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Sancti Trilogy Books

Sanctus(2011) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price
The Key(2012) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price
The Tower(2013) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price

Publication Order of Solomon Creed Books

The Searcher(2015) Best Hardcover PriceBest Paperback PriceBest Kindle Price

Note: The Searcher was also published as Solomon Creed.

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Simon Toyne Synopsis: In Sanctus by Simon Toyne, a young newspaper reporter uncovers a 3,000 year-old secret. This secret that she has found is the existence is an undiscovered religion that has been hidden away in a citadel much like the Vatican, where nobody has known of it for thousands of years.

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  • Jeff Frost

    I discovered “Sanctus” because “Toyne” was very near Brad “Thor” on the Library book shelf. I had never heard of Simon Toyne, at the time he only had the first two books of the Trilogy published. Boy, was I glad I found this Series ….I had to impatiently wait until the last one came out. You never know when you will discover another great writer.