Alice Feeney is a British author best known for writing Sometimes I Lie. That book, her debut, was an international bestseller that was quickly licensed for a television adaptation.

She is also the author of His & Hers which was also quickly optioned for a film. Prior to her work as a novelist, Feeney was a journalist with the BBC for fifteen years. Alice makes her home in the British countryside with her family.

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Sometimes I Lie (2017)Description / Buy at
I Know Who You Are (2019)Description / Buy at
His & Hers (2020)Description / Buy at
Rock Paper Scissors (2021)Description / Buy at
Daisy Darker (2022)Description / Buy at
Good Bad Girl (2023)Description / Buy at
Beautiful Ugly (2025)Description / Buy at

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His & Hers works off the simple premise that there are two sides to every story. There is yours and mine, ours and theirs, and his and hers, and someone is always lying. The story begins when a woman is murdered in a British village known as Blackdown. Anna Andrews is a newsreader, but she is reluctant to cover the case which makes the detective working the case suspicious of her and her potential involvement. However, Detective Jack Harper himself is also a suspect in the case. There is someone in this case who isn’t telling the truth and they will kill to protect their secrets.

Feenedy is also the author of Rock Paper Scissors, a book that has since been optioned by Netflix. The marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Wright has been going wrong for some time now, but a weekend away may be just what they need. Adam and Amelia have won a trip to Scotland which could be just the thing needed. Adam has struggled with face blindness his whole life and he can’t recognize people, even his own wife. The two exchange traditional gifts on their anniversary. Amelia also gives him a letter each year, but never lets him read them. This year she will. The weekend trip could make or break their marriage, but winning it was no random chance. One of them is lying to the other and someone doesn’t want it to work out. Ten years of marriage will be hit with ten years of secrets and this will be an anniversary that they will never forget.

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