Bruce Alexander is the more famous pen name for the author Bruce Alexander Cook who wrote the Sir John Fielding series of books. He published 11 books in the series before he passed away in 2003.

Bruce Cook is best remembered for his Fielding series of books, but he also worked as a journalist during his career and published multiple other books under his own name. He had his byline on hundreds of newspaper and magazine articles in his career. Cook grew up in California and earned his degree in English literature at university. Cook was in the U.S. Army for a time before returning home to begin his career as a journalist. His first book, Sex Life, was published in 1979. He is also the author of the Chico Cervantes series of books.

Publication Order of Sir John Fielding Books

Blind Justice (1994)Description / Buy at
Murder in Grub Street (1995)Description / Buy at
Watery Grave (1996)Description / Buy at
Person or Persons Unknown (1997)Description / Buy at
Jack, Knave and Fool (1998)Description / Buy at
Death of a Colonial (1999)Description / Buy at
The Color of Death (2000)Description / Buy at
Smuggler's Moon (2001)Description / Buy at
An Experiment In Treason (2002)Description / Buy at
The Price of Murder (2003)Description / Buy at
Rules of Engagement (2005)Description / Buy at

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The first book in the Sir John Fielding Mystery series is called Blind Justice. This is the introduction to the legendary, blind eighteenth-century judge, Sir John Fielding. Fielding is the co-founder of London’s first police force and this is the first of his cases written by Bruce Alexander. The case sees a lord who passes away by an suicide, but his death quickly reveals a fountainhead of deception, greed, and murder. The story also sees Fielding recruit a thirteen-year-old named Jeremy to help in his fight against London’s most wicked crimes.

Another good book in the series is called Watery Grave. This book sees Sir John’s son returning from the high seas with stories of storms and a captain overboard. There is a question as to whether it was an accident or a murder, and Fielding is brought in to investigate. The case ends up being more than he asked for and Fielding will have to be at his best to solve the case.

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