Carol Berg is a fantasy author known for writing the Rai-Kirah series, The Lighthouse series, and The Bridge of D’Arnath series. Carol’s books have won the Prism Award, the Geffen Award, and multiple Colorado Book Awards.

Berg attended Rice University where she earned a degree in mathematics. She then went on to the University of Colorado where she earned her degree in computer science. After college, she would go on to work as a software designer before shifting her focus to writing full-time. Carol makes her home in Colorado and she is the mother to three children, all boys.

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Publication Order of Books of the Rai-kirah Books

Publication Order of The Bridge of D'Arnath Books

Son of Avonar (2004)Description / Buy at
Guardians of the Keep (2004)Description / Buy at
The Soul Weaver (2005)Description / Buy at
Daughter of Ancients (2005)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Chimera Books

(as Cate Glass)

An Illusion of Thieves (2019)Description / Buy at
A Conjuring of Assassins (2020)Description / Buy at
A Summoning of Demons (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Valen Books

Flesh and Spirit (2007)Description / Buy at
Breath and Bone (2008)Description / Buy at
Cartamandua Legacy (2009)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Collegia Magica Books

The Spirit Lens (2009)Description / Buy at
The Soul Mirror (2011)Description / Buy at
The Daemon Prism (2012)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Sanctuary Duet Books

Dust and Light (2014)Description / Buy at
Ash and Silver (2015)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Song of the Beast (2003)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

Elemental Magic(2007)Description / Buy at
Hath No Fury(2017)Description / Buy at
Writing the Self-Elegy: The Past Is Not Disappearing Ink(2023)Description / Buy at

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Transformation is the first book in the Rai Kirah series. The book introduces us to Seyonne, a man who is waiting to die. He has been a slave for sixteen years and has lost everything that has meaning to him. He has made peace with his fate and forces himself to exist only in the present moment, never allowing himself to care for anyone or have hope about his life changing. He is sold to the careless Prince Aleksander, the heir to the Derzhi Empire, and his peace begins to crumble. As he discovers a demon in the Derzhi court, he must find the hope and strength to defeat it.

Dust and Light is the first book in the Sanctuary series. Lucian de Remeni-Masson spoke with a young woman not of his own kind and allowed her to see him unmasked, a major no-no to the Pureblood Registry. For his crime, Lucian’s grandsire excised half his magic and savage Harrowers massacred his family. He has also been contracted to use his gift for portraiture to dead ordinaries. However, his sentence will have unforeseen consequences as his sketching reveals truths he cannot possibly know and dares not believe.

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