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David Hosp is an an American author of suspense novels. He writes the Scott Finn series. Besides being a novelist, David is a lawyer and partner at Goodwin Procter LLP, a Boston law firm. He graduated from Dartmouth College and George Washington University Law School. Following graduation, David practiced law on Wall Street before moving to Boston. He lives near Boston with his wife and two children.

David Hosp became a published novelist in 2005 with the novel Dark Harbor. Below is a list of David Hosp’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Scott Finn Books

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David Hosp Synopsis: In The Betrayed by David Hosp, Sydney Chaplin never intended on returning to Washington D.C. But after her sister was found murdered, she is drawn back towards her wealthy and powerful family. Along with detectives Jack Cassian and Darius Train and the need to know what really happened to her sister, Sydney will risk her life and her family’s status in order to find the answers. From the streets and crackhouses of the inner city to the country clubs and political offices, Sydney, Cassian and Train will enter a labyrinth of power, greed and deceit to unmask a long-running conspiracy that may shake the country at its core.

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  1. JR Tan: 5 years ago

    Let’s talk about Dark Harbor by David Hosp. The story was engaging and the charters fairly well defined, except for the hasty romantic interest between Finn and Sergeant Flaherty .At that point in time, Finn was still a prime-suspect in the murder of Natalie Caldwell, but then the sergeant must have had an extra measure of estrogen and Finn had the right equipment and was available. Anyway, the story proceeded in a normal rate, until the exciting conclusion when the villain would finally be captured. Mr. Hosp must have been influenced the action heroes Batman & Robin,because the story line literally fell off the rails and became a cartoon classic-comic strip. The rescuers were pressed for time to save Finn and capture the villains,but instead of simply walking in the front door, they chose instead to climb over eight foot high wall and somehow find a heavy steel door that was almost too heavy to move and slog through a 100 yard long rat infested drain pipe and by magic come out into the vast chamber where Finn was (just then) about to be shot. After Finn was saved the extremely inept sergeant
    finally decided to call for backup and an ambulance for Finn.


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