David Putnam is an American author and retired law enforcement officer. He is best known as an author for writing the Bruno Johnson Thriller series of books.

Putnam worked primarily in California during his law enforcement career and sent his time in numerous departments including Patrol, Investigations, SWAT, Narcotics, Violent Crimes, Criminal Intelligence, Internal Affairs, and the Detective Bureau. He would also spend time work as a coordinator in the child protective services division. Later in his law enforcement career, he’d head to Hawaii where’d work as a special agent in a division that was straight out of the television show Hawaii 5-0. He is since retired from that life and now focuses fully on writing and growing avocados.

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The Disposables: A Novel is Putnam’s first entry into the Bruno Johnson series. The book introduces us to the street tough cop who is a member of an elite violent crime task force. He’s one of the good guys, but when personal tragedy strikes he is forced to break the law and it sends his whole life into chaos. He’s attempting to make a new life as an ex-con on parole, but things aren’t going well. His former partner is now a high-ranking detective who needs Bruno’s help to solve a case – unofficially. Bruno also has a girlfriend, Marie, who awakens the good version of Bruno and the two start doing whatever it takes to save abused children.

A book in the same series that focuses on the early years of Bruno’s career is The Innocents. This takes us back to when Bruno was newly minted as a LA County Sheriff Violent Crimes detective. He’s given a really tough task as he needs to infiltrate a sheriff’s narcotics team that may be involved in murder for hire. It’s a thankless job as if he’s successful, he’ll have to arrest and testify against his fellow police officers.

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