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D.E. Stevenson (1892-1973) was a Scottish author of light romance novels. She wrote the Mrs. Tim series, the Miss Buncle series and several other mini-series, which are often linked together. Stevenson’s father was a lighthouse engineer named David Alan Stevenson, who was a first cousin to Robert Louis Stevenson. D.E. Stevenson was born in Edinburgh and was home-schooled. Although she started to write at age 8, her parents disapproved, so she had to write in secret. When Stevenson was older, she wanted to enroll in university, but her father refused. She married a captain in the 6th Ghurkha Rifles in 1916.

D.E. Stevenson became a published novelist in 1923 with the novel Peter West. Her final novel prior to her death was The House of the Deer, but in 2011, two new unpublished novels finally saw publication. Below is a list of D.E. Stevenson’s books in order of when they were originally released:

Publication Order of Mrs. Tim Books

Mrs Tim of the Regiment (1932)Description / Buy at
Golden Days: Further Leaves from Mrs. Tim's Journal (1934)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Tim Carries On (1941)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Tim Gets a Job (1947)Description / Buy at
Mrs. Tim Flies Home (1952)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Miss Buncle Books

Miss Buncle's Book (1934)Description / Buy at
Miss Buncle Married (1936)Description / Buy at
The Two Mrs. Abbotts (1943)Description / Buy at
The Four Graces (1946)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Ryddelton Books

Celia's House (1943)Description / Buy at
Listening Valley (1944)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Drumberley Books

Vittoria Cottage (1949)Description / Buy at
Music In The Hills (1950)Description / Buy at
Winter and Rough Weather / Shoulder the Sky (1951)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Ayrton Family Books

Publication Order of Bel Lamington Books

Publication Order of Katherine Books

Katherine Wentworth (1964)Description / Buy at
Katherine's Marriage (1965)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Sarah Morris Books

Sarah Morris Remembers (1967)Description / Buy at
Sarah's Cottage (1971)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Gerald Burleigh Brown Books

Gerald and Elizabeth (1969)Description / Buy at
House of the Deer (1970)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Peter West (1923)Description / Buy at
The Young Clementina / Divorced From Reality (1935)Description / Buy at
The Empty World / A World in Spell (1936)Description / Buy at
Rosabelle Shaw (1937)Description / Buy at
Miss Bun, The Baker's Daughter / The Baker's Daughter (1938)Description / Buy at
Smouldering Fire (1938)Description / Buy at
Green Money (1939)Description / Buy at
English Air (1940)Description / Buy at
Rochester's Wife (1940)Description / Buy at
Spring Magic (1942)Description / Buy at
Kate Hardy (1947)Description / Buy at
Young Mrs. Savage (1948)Description / Buy at
Five Windows (1953)Description / Buy at
Charlotte Fairlie / Blow the Wind Southerly / The Enchanted Isle (1954)Description / Buy at
The Tall Stranger (1957)Description / Buy at
Anna and her Daughters (1958)Description / Buy at
Still Glides the Stream (1959)Description / Buy at
The Musgraves (1960)Description / Buy at
The Blue Sapphire (1963)Description / Buy at
The House on the Cliff (1966)Description / Buy at
Crooked Adam (1969)Description / Buy at
Emily Dennistoun (2011)Description / Buy at
The Fair Miss Fortune (2011)Description / Buy at

Notes: Mrs. Tim of the Regiment was also published under the follow alternate titles: Mrs. Tim; Mrs. Tim Christie; Mrs. Tim: Leaves from the Diary of an Officer’s Wife. The Young Clementina was also published as Divorced From Reality and Miss Dean’s Dilemma. The Empty World: A Romance of the Future was also titled A World in Spell. Miss Bun, The Baker’s Daughter was also published as The Baker’s Daughter. Charlotte Fairlie was also published under the titles of Blow the Wind Southerly and The Enchanted Isle. Katherine’s Marriage was also known as The Marriage of Katherine.

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