Frederick Ramsay is an American author who has written such books as Copper Kettle and The Wolf and the Lamb. He has written four different book series thus far; the Jesse Sutherlin Mystery series, the Botswana Mystery series, the Jerusalem Mysteries series, and the Ike Scwartz Mystery series.

Ramsay was born to a respected scientist father and a mother who was a teacher and researcher, in the Baltimore area. After spending his youth on the east coast, he went to graduate school in Chicago where he would earn his doctorate. Ramsay held numerous jobs throughout his life and had a lot of success, before coming to writing later in life.

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Frederick’s first novel and the first in the Ike Schwartz book series was Artscape. This book follows Ike as he is attempting to leave his old life and the memories of his wife’s death behind him when he takes a job as a small town sheriff. When a shadowy group has plans to steal art from a local college, they dismiss him as a small time sheriff incapable of messing up their operation. What they don’t know is where Schwartz came from or what he’s capable of.

Judas is the first book in the Jerusalem Mystery book series. This book follows young Judas as the illegitimate child of a Jewish woman. He has struggles understanding her god and why he allows such awful things to happen to their family. He is a survivor on the streets of the first Roman Empire and life is not easy for the young man. An angry young man, he later joins the rebel group called Barabbas. They end up betraying him and he ends up in the community of Zealots surrounding Rabbi Jesus.

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