Jack Slater is an author best known for writing the Jason Trapp thriller series of books. The series began in 2019 with the release of Dark State.

Prior to becoming an author, Slater worked in publishing for many years. He was inspired by authors like Tom Clancy and Robert Ludlum and created the Jason Trapp thriller series with a fast-paced writing style and scary real-life scenarios. He created the character of Jason Trapp to live in this world with a “never say die” attitude in the face of each new difficult challenge.

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Dark State begins with America under attack. The day will become Bloody Monday as there have been simultaneous strikes across the country. Jason Trapp is a legendary covert operative. He was the guy they called when all hope was lost, but six months ago someone sold him out. He was listed as killed in action and lost everything in his life. However, Jason Trapp is hard to kill. The country is reeling from the attacks and he’s on the case. He will soon find out that it’s all connected: the violence, the terror, and even the assassination of his partner.

The series continues with False Flag. The book picks up after the events of the first book as Jason is still dealing with the fallout of Bloody Monday. He’s finally nearing something close to peace and his debt paid, but the world has other ideas for him. A CIA spy is kidnapped, satellites are burned in the sky, and half a dozen Chinese agents are found dead. Now, Trapp is back in the game as he’s determined to get Eliza back – no matter what. He just needs to find out who took her and why. Retirement can wait.

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