Jacqui Rose
Jacqui Rose is a British author of gangland crime thriller novels. Jacqui grew up in an isolated mining village in South Yorkshire. She first came to appreciate writing when as she would write essays for other kids in her class for packets of sherbet dips. When she was a teenager, Jacqui also realized she loved acting and making people laugh, but was expelled and ended up homeless in London briefly. She taught drama and writing workshops for prisoners, ex-cons and the homeless on a volunteer basis. Jacqui got the idea for her first novel, Taken, from an abusive relationship she was in. She considers writing to be her salvation and her freedom.

Jacqui Rose became a published author in 2012 with the novel Taken. Below is a list of Jacqui Rose’s books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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Jacqui Rose Synopsis: In Trapped by Jacqui Rose, Maggie Donaldson and Johnny Taylor fell in love as teenagers, but that was before they discovered they belonged to rival gangland families. Being anything but secretive about their relationship would lead to an immense amount of issues, and therefore they hid the truth from those around them. Maggie’s violent, controlling father despises the Taylors and wants blood – not that he treats his own family much better. The reason for the hatred is never uttered – it’s a secret that could destroy each family, and be the end of Maggie and Johnny’s relationship.

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