John Donohue is an author best known for writing the Burke/Yamashita thriller series. The books have been praised for their depiction of the martial arts world in a realistic and gritty way.

Donohue is a martial artist himself which gives him a unique look into this world. He became interested in martial arts from a young age when he first saw Kung Fu and Bruce Lee movies. This created an interest in him in learning about foreign cultures. He would study anthropology, eventually becoming fascinated with the Asian perspective of old-fashioned martial arts that integrated physical technique and philosophical concepts.

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Forge of the Spirit (1991)Description / Buy at
Human Condition in the Modern Age (1994)Description / Buy at
Warrior Dreams (1994)Description / Buy at
Herding the Ox (1998)Description / Buy at
Complete Kendo (1999)Description / Buy at
The Overlook Martial Arts Reader (2004)Description / Buy at

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Sensei is the first book in the Connor Burke martial arts series. The story begins with Connor, a part-time college teacher who studies the martial artists, getting a call from his brother, a NYPD detective, who needs his help with a case. There is a modern-day ronin traveling across America, killing martial arts masters on his journey. To help with the investigation, Connor calls in his teacher, master warrior Yamashita Sensei. As Connor follows the clues, he’ll have to confront his own sense of honor as he prepares to confront the killer who is calling himself Ronin.

The Connor Burke series continues with Deshi. The book sees Connor laboring as a deshi which is a student under the tutelage of a master warrior. The practice eventually ends up drawing him into the case of the murder of a Japanese businessman. His brother will investigate the case and calls in Connor to help deciphering some calligraphic writing left by the victim. The message will lead Connor to a lethal samurai heritage of a sensei, a Tibetan clairvoyant, and the unknown wilderness of a mountain temple. There, his deadliest challenge awaits him.

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