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John Saul is an American author of horror and thriller novels. After losing his job, John spent the weekend churning out his first book, which he received $200 for and was published under a pen name. After about ten of these, he was contacted by Dell Publishing, who wanted him to write a psychological thriller. John lives with his partner of over 30 years and splits his time between the Pacific Northwest and Hawaii.

John Saul’s first novel to be credited under his name was Suffer the Children, which was published in 1977. Below is a list of John Saul’s books in order of when they were originally published:

Publication Order of Blackstone Chronicles Books

An Eye for an Eye (1996) |
Twist of Fate (1997) |
Ashes to Ashes (1997) |
In the Shadow of Evil (1997) |
Day of Reckoning (1997) |
Asylum (1997) |

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Suffer the Children (1977) |
Punish the Sinners (1978) |
Cry for the Strangers (1979) |
Comes the Blind Fury (1980) |
When the Wind Blows (1981) |
The God Project / All Fall Down (1982) |
Nathaniel (1984) |
Brain Child (1985) |
Hellfire (1986) |
The Unwanted (1987) |
The Unloved (1988) |
Creature (1989) |
Second Child (1990) |
Sleepwalk (1990) |
Darkness (1991) |
Shadows (1992) |
Guardian (1993) |
The Homing (1994) |
Black Lightning (1995) |
The Presence (1997) |
The Right Hand of Evil (1999) |
Nightshade (2000) |
Black Creek Crossing (2001) |
The Manhattan Hunt Club (2001) |
Midnight Voices (2002) |
Perfect Nightmare (2005) |
In the Dark of the Night (2006) |
The Devil's Labyrinth (2007) |
Faces of Fear (2008) |
House of Reckoning (2009) |

Note: The God Project was also published using the title of All Fall Down.

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John Saul Synopsis: Suffer the Children is John Saul’s debut novel. When a little girl let out a scream one hundred years ago in Port Arbello, no one heard. She died. No one saw, except for a man whose guilt caused him to throw himself into the sea. Today in Port Arbello, children are disappearing as history repeats itself. And one child ends her silence with a 100 year-old scream.

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  1. Lorie Ann Wise: 4 years ago

    I know! I’m jonesing for a new novel. Mr. Saul….please don’t retire! I guess I’ll have to read DUNE series and hope Saul releases a new book.


  2. Lynn: 7 years ago

    The last book was written in 2009…when will we see a new book from John Saul? Been reading his books over 30 years now!!! (Not) patiently waiting!!


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