Karen Odden is an author of historical mystery novels. She earned her Ph.D. in English literature from New York University, and went on to each at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She has been the Assistant Editor for the journal Victorian Literature and Culture. Her novels (thus far) are all set in 1870s London – a place in time that she completely admits she’d feel more home at.

Karen Odden made her debut as a novelist in 2016 with A Lady in the Smoke. Below is a list of Karen Odden’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Inspector Corravan Books

Down a Dark River (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
Under a Veiled Moon (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

Publication Order of Victorian Mystery Books

A Lady in the Smoke (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
A Dangerous Duet (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon.com
A Trace of Deceit (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon.com

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Karen Odden Synopsis: In A Lady in the Smoke by Karen Odden, following a humiliating fourth Season in London, Lady Elizabeth Fraser is on her way back to her ancestral country estate when her train comes off the rails and ends up in flames. Though she is injured, she manages to drag herself and her unconscious mother out of the wreckage, and amid the chaos that ensues, a brilliant young railway surgeon saves her mother’s life. Elizabeth feels an immediate connection with Paul Wilcox – though social norms would prohibit such a potential union.

After Paul reveals that the train wreck was no accident, and the inspector who tried to prevent it dies under mysterious circumstances, Elizabeth launches a dangerous investigation of her own that leads back to her family’s buried secrets. Not only are her dowry and her reputation at stake; Paul’s very life hangs in the balance when he is arrested for manslaughter. Now Elizabeth must risk everything for the man she has developed feelings for. As the trial draws near, and Parliament prepares for a vote that will change the course of the nation, she uncovers a conspiracy that has been years in the making. But time is running out to see justice done.

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  1. diane mcDonough: 10 months ago

    I wanted to order the Karen ODDEN “A Lady In The Smoke” but I need it in book form, not e-book or kindle. Paperback would be my preference. Is this book out of print? thank you!


    • Graeme: 10 months ago

      It’s an ebook and audiobook only.


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