Kimberley Chambers is an English author of crime drama novels. Her work is regularly compared to those of Martina Cole, often favourably. Her novels are usually set in the East End of London. Now a full-time writer, in her spare time, Kimberley attends gym classes, shops, follows Tottenham Hotspur and wastes money in the West End.

Kimberley Chambers became a published author in 2008 with the novel Billie Jo. She didn’t make any notes and just wrote the book as she went, apart from the characters’ names. Below is a list of Kimberley Chambers’ books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of Mitchells & O'Haras Books

Publication Order of The Bonds Books

Publication Order of The Butlers Books

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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29 Responses to “Order of Kimberley Chambers Books”

  1. Eileen Groves: 2 years ago

    Just read The Family Man, is there going to be a follow up book please, if so what will be the title


    • Graeme: 2 years ago

      I believe that book is intended to be the first in a series although I couldn’t find any information on a second one yet.


  2. Tish Larkins: 7 years ago

    is there going to be a number 5 in the butlers saga ?????


  3. Breeda: 9 years ago

    I gave just finished reading the trilogy The trap, playback and Wronged, is there one to follow them


    • Angela: 3 years ago

      I’ve just finished reading The Wronged
      Which book follows after it


      • Graeme: 3 years ago

        As per our list above, Tainted Love.


      • Barry Keen: 2 years ago

        Hi . There was five in that series . 1. The Trap. 2. Payback. 3. Wronged.
        4. Tainted Love. 5. Backstabber.
        Happy reading .


  4. Carol: 9 years ago

    has the sequel to the victim been published and if so whats it called


  5. Yvonne Raynor Miller: 9 years ago

    Is there another book after the trap?


    • Cathy S: 9 years ago

      Yea Payback is after The Trap. The trap is part of a trilogy of 3 books and they come in this order
      The Trap
      The wronged


  6. jill: 9 years ago

    just finished schemer brilliant book thought there might have been one after it left in limpo


  7. gary heath: 10 years ago

    Brilliant writer


  8. Linda: 10 years ago

    dont want disqus can u answer my question?


    • Linda: 10 years ago



  9. Linda: 10 years ago

    is there a book to follow the schemer?


  10. Diane: 10 years ago

    Like others is there going to be follow on to the Victim? So enjoyed the three books in this series and can’t wait for no. 4.


  11. BigOlMalt: 10 years ago

    Kimberley was with Random House when she wrote “The Betrayer”,
    She has since moved to Harpercollins,
    So she probably has to fulfil her contractual commitments to HC,
    before she can write the follow up to an older book
    that was written when she with a different publisher.
    You can always add Kim on Facebook, and ask her?
    Lol! : )


  12. Julie: 10 years ago

    When will Sweet Baby James be published? Just read the Betrayer – thanks


  13. Denise: 10 years ago

    Yes is there going to be another book after the victim , read all 3 of them in two weeks and thought it was left open for another book


  14. debi: 10 years ago

    did kimmy have a book called sweert baby james thanks


    • Brandon: 10 years ago

      It has yet to be published. It’s a follow-up to The Betrayer.


  15. pat: 10 years ago

    is there a follow up to the victim


  16. Lynne: 11 years ago

    Is there going to be another book to follow ‘The Victim’ … it was left up in the air?


  17. TraceyW: 11 years ago

    Just read te feud, loved it! But why are the next 2 ( the traitor, the victim) so expensive????


    • Brandon: 11 years ago

      I think they’re releasing new paperback editions for those books in late 2013-2014. What country do you live in?


  18. Janet: 11 years ago

    I love this author…have just discovered her and now I have all her books to date….keep writing girl, I can’t get enough of your books.


  19. kim: 11 years ago

    Just read the trap, good book but still waiting for an ending, just left you up in the air!!!!!


  20. tina: 11 years ago

    just finished born evil it was a good read.I enjoyed it so much im going to read more by this author.


  21. janeth.: 11 years ago

    Just finished the last of my collection of books by kimmy hope she is writing another cant get enough fantastic reading all of them


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