Leslie Glass
Leslie Glass is an American author of crime fiction and suspense novels. She writes the April Woo series. Besides being a novelist, Leslie is also a playwright and a journalist. She attended Mannes College and Sarah Lawrence College, where she obtained her B.A. Her writing has been featured in such magazines as Redbook and Cosmopolitan. Leslie is a philanthropist, a recovery advocate, documentary writer/producer and of course, a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author.

Leslie Glass made her debut as a published novelist with Getting Away with It, published in 1976. Below is a list of Leslie Glass’ books in order of when they were first published:

Publication Order of April Woo Books

Burning Time (1993)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Hanging Time (1995)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Loving Time (1996)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Judging Time (1998)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Stealing Time (1999)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Tracking Time (2000)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
The Silent Bride (2002)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
A Killing Gift (2003)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
A Clean Kill (2005)Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Getting Away With It (1976)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Modern Love (1983)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
To Do No Harm (1992)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Over His Dead Body (2003)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
For Love and Money (2004)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Sleeper (2010)Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Publication Order of Anthologies

Natural Suspect(2001)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
High Stakes(2003)Amazon UK | Amazon.com
Mystery Writers of America Presents The Blue Religion(2008)Amazon UK | Amazon.com

Note: Natural Suspect is a collaborative novel conceived by William Bernhardt, with contributions from several other authors, including Leslie Glass.

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Leslie Glass Synopses: Getting Away with It is Leslie Glass’ debut novel. It is about the workings of a nationally published magazine and the people who work on it.

In Over His Dead Body by Leslie Glass, Cassandra Sales is a woman who nurtures a lot of things, including her husband, her two adult children and her garden. But lately, her husband has been away from home a lot. She decides to give her husband a surprise by getting a facelift. But he comes home early and sees the post-op status of her face and collapses immediately. Now in a Coma, Cassie decides to do some research. She is shocked to find out he was planning on getting a divorce, take tons of money and run away with another woman. Now Cassie is out for revenge. But she soon learns that the road to retribution can lead to some interesting complications…

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