Mandasue Heller
Mandasue Heller is an English novelist of crime drama/thriller novels. Originally from Cheshire, she moved to Manchester and spent a decade living in the Hulme Crescents, which is what she draws from for her novels. Besides writing, Mandasue has also sung in many different types of bands and troupes.

Mandasue Heller became a published author with the novel The Front, which was published in 2002. Below is a list of Mandasue Heller’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Mandasue Heller Synopsis: In The Front by Mandasue Heller, four long-time friends are looking for some cash, and they’re looking for it the easy way. Unfortunately for them, the easy way wasn’t so easy. Trying to rob a small supermarket in Manchester sounds like easy money, but after one dead body and one of the four wounded, it turns out this non-threatening supermarket was actually a front for a much bigger and more sinister operation – and the friends have bitten off much more than they can chew.

In The Driver by Mandasue Heller, Joe Weeks is new to Grange Estate. He can tolerate a bit of weed, nor would he ever hit on the other men’s women. Eddie Quinn is the wrong man to cross, but as far as a drug dealer goes, he’s about as honest as they can get. When Eddie offers Joe a job, he’s happy to accept… and then he meets a prostitute named Katya who is desperate to break off from Eddie.

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