Matthew ‘Ollie’ Ollerton is the author of Break Point and the Alex Abbott series. He is a former Special Forces soldier and his books have a level of realism to them because of his experiences in SAS.

Ollerton began his military career at 18. He originally joined the Royal Marine Commandos and did tours in Northern Ireland and Iraq. He then entered the SAS program and, after surviving the six-month long selection process, was assigned to the Special Boat Service. His time in the SAS saw him taking part in counter terrorism, homeland security, and counter insurgency operations missions.

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Scar Tissue is the first book in the Alex Abbott series. The book introduces ex-Special Forces soldier Alex Abbott who now makes his living as a gun for hire. He is haunted by his past, drinks too much, and is now estranged from his family. His life isn’t easy, but it is better than it was while he was in Baghdad. Abbott finds out that his son, Nathan, is missing in Iraq after a mission gone wrong. Alex has no choice but to head there and try to get him back. He struggles with his demons while there, but remains focused on the task at hands. Things get complicated when one of his old crew ends up dead and there is a link to his son. It soon becomes clear that a trap has been set for Alex.

Break Point is the true story of Ollerton and his military life. The book covers everything from his military missions to his troubled childhood, his battles with addiction, and his struggles with depression. Ultimately, the story makes it way to his redemption in his life and becoming a mental health charity ambassador.

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