Peter F. Hamilton is an English novelist of science fiction (and in particular, space operas). His series include the Night’s Dawn and Commonwealth series. His novels often have multiple main characters whose paths only cross later on in the story. His themes include sexually active teenagers, politics, religion and armed conflict. Peter lives in Rutland, England with his wife and their children.

Peter sold his first story to Fear Magazine in 1988. He would publish his first novel, Mindstar Rising, in 1992. Below is a list of Peter F. Hamilton’s books in order of when they were originally released:

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Publication Order of The Archimedes Engine Books

The Archimedes Engine (2024)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Arkship Trilogy Books

A Hole in the Sky (2021)Description / Buy at
The Captain's Daughter (2022)Description / Buy at
Queens of an Alien Sun (2022)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night's Dawn Books

The Reality Dysfunction (1996)Description / Buy at
The Neutronium Alchemist (1997)Description / Buy at
The Naked God (1999)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night's Dawn Collections

A Second Chance at Eden (1998)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Night's Dawn Non-Fiction Books

The Confederation Handbook (2000)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Commonwealth Saga Books

Pandora's Star (2004)Description / Buy at
Judas Unchained (2005)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Void Books

The Dreaming Void (2007)Description / Buy at
The Temporal Void (2008)Description / Buy at
The Evolutionary Void (2009)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Commonwealth: Chronicle Of The Fallers Books

The Abyss Beyond Dreams (2014)Description / Buy at
A Night Without Stars (2016)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Commonwealth Universe Books

Misspent Youth (2002)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Greg Mandel Books

Mindstar Rising (1993)Description / Buy at
A Quantum Murder (1994)Description / Buy at
The Nano Flower (1995)Description / Buy at
Family Matters (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Queen Of Dreams Books

The Secret Throne (2014)Description / Buy at
The Hunting of the Princes (2016)Description / Buy at
A Voyage Through Air (2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Salvation Sequence Books

Salvation (2018)Description / Buy at
Salvation Lost (2019)Description / Buy at
The Saints of Salvation (2020)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Fallen Dragon (2001)Description / Buy at
Great North Road (2012)Description / Buy at
Light Chaser (With: Gareth L. Powell) (2021)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

Watching Trees Grow (2000)Description / Buy at
Footvote (2004)Description / Buy at
If at First... (2007)Description / Buy at
The Demon Trap (2008)Description / Buy at
A Window Into Time (2016)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Short Story Collections

Manhattan in Reverse (2011)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of The Web - 2027 Books

Gulliverzone (By: Stephen Baxter) (1997)Description / Buy at
Dreamcastle (By: Stephen Bowkett) (1997)Description / Buy at
Untouchable (By: Eric Brown) (1997)Description / Buy at
Spiderbite (By: Graham Joyce) (1997)Description / Buy at
Lightstorm (1997)Description / Buy at
Sorceress (By: Maggie Furey) (1997)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Graham Joyce Short Stories/Novellas

(with Graham Joyce)

Eat Reecebread (Interzone #86 August 1994) (With: Graham Joyce) (1994)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Solaris Rising Anthology Books

Solaris Rising (With: Pat Cadigan,Mike Resnick,Stephen Baxter,Lavie Tidhar,Ken MacLeod,Ian Watson,Eric Brown,Adam Roberts,Paul Di Filippo,Alastair Reynolds,Tricia Sullivan,Ian Whates,Richard Salter) (2011)Description / Buy at
Solaris Rising 1.5 (By: Paul Cornell,Tanith Lee,Mike Resnick,Aliette de Bodard,Adam Roberts,Paul Di Filippo,Ian Whates,Gareth L. Powell,Sarah Lotz,Philip Vine) (2012)Description / Buy at
Solaris Rising 2 (By: Kristine Kathryn Rusch,Paul Cornell,Liz Williams,James Lovegrove,Robert Reed,Eugie Foster,Nancy Kress,Nick Harkaway,Norman Spinrad,Vandana Singh,Kim Lakin-Smith,Ian Whates,Paul Cornell, Jr.,Kay Kenyon,Adrian Tchaikovsky,Martin Sketchley,Allan Steele) (2013)Description / Buy at
Solaris Rising 3 (By: Rachel Swirsky,Aliette de Bodard,George Zebrowski,Ian Watson,Adam Roberts,Tony Ballantyne,Julie E. Czerneda,Alex Dally MacFarlane,Benjamin Rosenbaum,Ian R. MacLeod,Sean Williams,Chris Beckett,Ken Liu,Nina Allan,Ian Whates,Cat Sparks,Gareth L. Powell,Benjanun Sriduangkaew,Martin Sketchley,Laura Lam) (2014)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Anthologies

The Good New Stuff(1999)Description / Buy at
Futures(2001)Description / Buy at
The Mammoth Book Of Science Fiction(2002)Description / Buy at
Year's Best SF 11(2006)Description / Buy at
The Space Opera Renaissance(2006)Description / Buy at
The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction(2007)Description / Buy at
The New Space Opera(2007)Description / Buy at
Best of British Science Fiction 2016(2017)Description / Buy at
Stories of Hope and Wonder: In Support of UK's Healthcare Workers(2020)Description / Buy at
Love, Death and Robots: The Official Anthology: Volume One(2021)Description / Buy at
Burning Brightly(2021)Description / Buy at

Note: The Secret Throne is written with Rohan Eason.

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