Richard C. Hale is an American thriller and action/adventure writer out of Jacksonville, Florida. He is the author and creator of the Near Death series, the Jaxon Jennings series and the Lincoln Delabar series, as well as quite a few other books.

Before becoming a writer, Hale held many different jobs. He did everything from bartending to greenkeeping to a Veteran air traffic controller and a musician. The many different lines of work gave Hale a world of experience that has helped him become a better writer. He lives in Jacksonville with his wife and he has a special place in his heart for his daughters and granddaughters.

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Frozen Past is the first book in the Jaxon Jennings series. This book has Jennings as his life is on a major downturn as his recent past has been terrible, but when a teenager is found under the ice at a local pool, he’s on the case. Meanwhile, you have young Eliana who is being stalked by a dangerous man. Her boyfriend Luke will do anything to help her, but he’s only a kid. Jennings will be on the case and his past will come back to haunt him.

Near Death follows Jake Townsend who after the death of his wife becomes obsessed with the existence of the afterlife. He’s spent the past few years working on a machine that could potentially communicate with the “other side”. His technology has tremendous power and there are those out there who wish to control it. On top of that, strange dreams are appearing to him like omens. Does Jake know the path? Will he be able to walk it? Or will others seek to stop him before he gets the chance?

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