Roger Hobbs
Roger Hobbs is an American author of suspense novels. He writes the Jack White series. Hobbs was still a senior at Reed College when he finished the first draft of Ghostman. He later graduated from said college. He has worked as a radio host, a rifle range instructor, a note-taker and a security guard. Roger lives in Portland, Oregon.

Roger Hobbs made his debut as a published novelist in 2013 with the novel Ghostman. Below is a list of Roger Hobbs’ books in order of when they were first released:

Publication Order of Jack White Books

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Roger Hobbs Synopsis: Ghostman is the first book in the Jack White series by Roger Hobbs. In a risky operation, two crooks-for-hire rob an Atlantic City casino. But their heist goes awry, and only one of them makes it out alive. Now he’s on the run with $1/2 million vacuum-packed into a bundle the size of a briefcase. And it’s rigged with explosives, although he doesn’t know it. Almost immediately, an expert fixer named Jack is in cross-country pursuit. With less than 48 hours to recover the money, clean up the mess, and… try not to botch the job like he did last time.

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