S.L. McInnis is a Canadian author who made her debut in 2020 with Framed. Her debut has drawn comparisons to Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

McInnis earned her university degree in Broadcasting and went on to a long career in radio broadcasting and public television. She also studied music extensively in her academic career much like the main character in Framed. McInnis is married to a former TV executive who now works as a chef. The couple live in Toronto. When Sheri is not writing, she enjoys reading books, binging crime dramas, and watching true crime documentaries.

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Framed is the psycholigcal suspense thriller that McInnis debuted with in 2020. The book follows the story of two friends: Beth Montgomery and Cassie Oglivy. The two were very close in college, but have since lost touch. Beth now lives in the hills above Los Angeles with her husband and enjoys what looks to be a perfect life from the outside. She is far away from the crime on the other side of town like the drug deal gone wrong that has left an undercover police officer dead. So she thinks nothing of it when her old college friend Cassie pops up and makes no connection between the two. Despite the time between the last time they saw each other, Cassie makes herself comfortable in Beth and Jay’s home. However, her mere presence reveals some of the cracks in Jay and Beth’s fragile marriage. Cassie always starts to get comfortable with Beth’s husband, and she starts to see evidence that her friend has a lot to hide. One night she gets a phone call that will change everything and the perfect life that Beth has built for herself will vanish in an instant.

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