Tash Skilton is the collaborative pen name of Sarvenaz Tash and Sarah Skilton. The pair became online friends over Twitter, and then became friends in real life. They love hitting eachother with ’90s pop culture references, talking about the latest books, television shows and movies, and discussing motherhood.

Tash Skilton debuted as a pen name in 2020 with the novel Ghosting. Below is a list of Tash Skilton’s books in order of when they were first released:

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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

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Tash Skilton Synopsis: Ghosting is a standalone title by Tash Skilton. Dumped by his fiancée, not only is Miles couch-surfing across New York City, but downsizing has forced him to set up shop at a local café. Also, he no longer believes in love. Not a good look in his line of work… helping people find love as a ghostwriter for a failing dating site.

Zoey’s eccentric L.A. boss sent her packing to New York to “grow.” But beneath her chill Cali demeanor, Zoey’s anxiety makes her terrified to venture beyond the café across the street into the big city…

Finding themselves competing for space at Café Crudite, the only thing Miles and Zoey think they share is their daily battle for last day-old biscotti and a mutual dislike of each other. They don’t know they’re both writers, creating “authentic” profiles for rival online dating services. They think they have absolutely nothing in common… until they meet anonymously online while pretending to be their clients and sparks fly.

As they become more deeply connected online, their mistaken identities get more complicated when their clients experience a dating disaster IRL. Once they find out their lives have crossed in more ways than one, will their online connection be the real thing – or vanish into the ether?

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