Charlaine Harris‘ Aurora Teagarden series is a mystery series featuring the character of the same name. Aurora Teagarden (“Roe” for short) is a 4’11” librarian who begins the series analyzing famous murders. Like most of Harris’ novels, the Aurora Teagarden series takes place in a small town in the South.

The first book of the Aurora Teagarden series (Real Murders) was published in 1990 and since that time, seven more books have been published in the series – up to Poppy Done to Death in 2003. Harris resumed the series in 2016 with All the Little Liars. Below is a list of Charlaine Harris’ Aurora Teagarden books in order of when they were published:

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Publication Order of Aurora Teagarden Books

Real Murders(1990)Description / Buy at
A Bone to Pick(1992)Description / Buy at
Three Bedrooms, One Corpse(1994)Description / Buy at
The Julius House(1995)Description / Buy at
Dead Over Heels(1996)Description / Buy at
A Fool and His Honey(1999)Description / Buy at
Last Scene Alive(2002)Description / Buy at
Poppy Done to Death(2003)Description / Buy at
All the Little Liars(2016)Description / Buy at
Sleep Like a Baby(2017)Description / Buy at

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Aurora Teagarden Synopsis: In Real Murders, a group of sleuths meet up in a small town in Georgia to look at famous murder cases. However, one of these crimesolvers gets too close of a look and ends up becoming a victim. Other murders follow, each of which are emulating a famous murder. Will Roe and the Real Murders Club be able to solve this murder or will they become victims themselves?

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2 Responses to “Order of Aurora Teagarden Books”

  1. Shoogy Hernandez-Tiern: 3 years ago

    If you love Aurora Teagarden books you will NOT necessariyl like Lily Bard or Harper Connelly… Yeah those are by the same author but both have a little oddity to them where Aurora is pretty straight-laced…
    I like Aurora, Harper was “ok” and did not care for Lily Bard at all.


  2. Lisa: 10 years ago

    The 4th book in this series is listed above as The Julius Horse. That’s a typo. I should be The Julius House.
    I’m enjoying this series immensely. It is fast-moving, funny, and hard to guess whodunnit! I’m hooked!


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