The Kinsey Millhone books are also known as the “alphabet series” of books. Written by author Sue Grafton, Kinsey is a detective and the series of books is in alphabetical order, in the style of “A is for _____”, “B is for ____” etc.

This great series of mystery books began in 1982, and will span 4 decades with usually one book a year released.

Below is the order of Kinsey Millhone books:

Publication Order of Kinsey Millhone Books

A is for Alibi(1982)Description / Buy at
B is for Burglar(1985)Description / Buy at
C is for Corpse(1986)Description / Buy at
D is for Deadbeat(1987)Description / Buy at
E is for Evidence(1988)Description / Buy at
F is for Fugitive(1989)Description / Buy at
G is for Gumshoe(1990)Description / Buy at
H is for Homicide(1991)Description / Buy at
I is for Innocent(1992)Description / Buy at
J is for Judgment(1993)Description / Buy at
K is for Killer(1994)Description / Buy at
L is for Lawless(1994)Description / Buy at
M is for Malice(1996)Description / Buy at
N is for Noose(1998)Description / Buy at
O is for Outlaw(1999)Description / Buy at
P is for Peril(2000)Description / Buy at
Q is for Quarry(2002)Description / Buy at
R is for Ricochet(2004)Description / Buy at
S is for Silence(2005)Description / Buy at
T is for Trespass(2007)Description / Buy at
U is for Undertow(2009)Description / Buy at
V is for Vengeance(2011)Description / Buy at
W is for Wasted(2013)Description / Buy at
X(2015)Description / Buy at
Y is for Yesterday(2017)Description / Buy at

Publication Order of Kinsey Millhone Collections

Kinsey and Me: Stories(2013)Description / Buy at

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