Bob Skinner by Quintin Jardine
Bob Skinner is the lead character in a series of crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Quintin Jardine. Detective Chief Robert Skinner is the head of the Edinburgh Criminal Investigation Department.

Quintin Jardine began his Bob Skinner series in 1993 with the novel Skinner’s Rules. The series is currently ongoing. As of this writing, a new novel has been published in the series every single year since – without fail. Below is a list of Quintin Jardine’s Bob Skinner books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Bob Skinner Books

Skinner's Rules(1993)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Festival(1994)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Trail(1994)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Round(1995)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Ordeal(1996)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Mission(1997)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Ghosts(1998)Description / Buy at
Murmuring the Judges(1998)Description / Buy at
Gallery Whispers(1999)Description / Buy at
Thursday Legends(2000)Description / Buy at
Autographs in the Rain(2001)Description / Buy at
Head Shot(2002)Description / Buy at
Fallen Gods(2003)Description / Buy at
Stay of Execution(2004)Description / Buy at
Lethal Intent(2005)Description / Buy at
Dead and Buried(2006)Description / Buy at
Death's Door(2007)Description / Buy at
Aftershock(2008)Description / Buy at
Fatal Last Words(2009)Description / Buy at
A Rush of Blood(2010)Description / Buy at
Grievous Angel(2011)Description / Buy at
Funeral Note(2012)Description / Buy at
Pray for the Dying(2013)Description / Buy at
Hour of Darkness(2014)Description / Buy at
A Hint of Death(2014)Description / Buy at
Last Resort(2015)Description / Buy at
Private Investigations(2016)Description / Buy at
Game Over(2017)Description / Buy at
State Secrets(2017)Description / Buy at
Skinner's Elves(2017)Description / Buy at
A Brush with Death(2018)Description / Buy at
Cold Case(2018)Description / Buy at
The Bad Fire(2019)Description / Buy at
The Roots of Evil(2020)Description / Buy at
Open Season(2022)Description / Buy at
The Cage(2023)Description / Buy at

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Bob Skinner Synopses: In Skinner’s Festival (book 2 in QJ’s Bob Skinner series), Princes Street is rocked by a terrorist attack during the Edinburgh Festival. The terrorists demand Scotland gain independence from Great Britain, and as attacks escalate, Skinner soon realizes that the terrorist group consists of professionals rather than maniacs.

The third book in Quintin Jardine’s Bob Skinner is entitled Skinner’s Trail. Around the same time as Skinner’s son is born, a man has been found killed in a luxurious villa. The man ran a chain of launderettes, saunas, and pubs throughout Edinburgh, which the police had thought was a front for a drug dealing network.

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