Carrier by Keith Douglass
Carrier is a series of action-adventure novels by Keith Douglass – a house name used by William H. Keith and J. Andrew Keith (as a team) and others. The series follows U.S. Navy aviators aboard the CVN-74 U.S.S. Thomas Jefferson supercarrier. Throughout the series, the team must go to North Korea, Thailand, India and more.

Keith Douglass began the Carrier series in 1991 with the novel Carrier. William H. Keith wrote the first seven novels in the series, concluding with Afterburn. “The first few” novels were co-authored by J. Andrew Keith. Following Afterburn, other authors were commissioned to write the series up until the series concluded in 2005 with the novel Last Stand. Below is a list of Keith Douglass’ Carrier books in order of when they were originally published (which is the same as their chronological order):

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Publication Order of Carrier Books

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Carrier Synopsis: In Carrier by Keith Douglass (William H. Keith & J. Andrew Keith), a U.S. intelligence ship has been captured by the North Koreans in international waters. Once the North Koreans are begin to kill off the crew, the U.S. must respond by sending out a supercarrier known as the Thomas Jefferson. World War III is only an error away.

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