Douglas Brodie by Gordon Ferris
Douglas Brodie is the protagonist in a series of historical/crime fiction novels by Scottish novelist Gordon Ferris. Originally from Kilmarnock, Douglas Brodie is a crime reporter for the Glasgow Gazette following World War II. He had served in the war, during which he made Major. Prior to that, he was a cop in Glasgow. Brodie stands at 6′ tall with a strong build.

Gordon Ferris began his Douglas Brodie series in 2011 with the novel The Hanging Shed. The series lasted four novels, concluding in 2014 with Gallowglass. Below is a list of Gordon Ferris’ Douglas Brodie books in order of when they were originally published:

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Publication Order of Douglas Brodie Books

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Douglas Brodie Synopsis: The Hanging Shed is the first novel in the Douglas Brodie quartet by author Gordon Ferris. Last time he was home, he a young warrior in a kilt. Now, the war has ended, Douglas Brodie is back in Scotland and he must save an old friend (Hugh Donovan) from being put to death. It was thought Hugh died during battle, but instead he came back alive. Mutilated and burned, but alive. Hugh has been keeping to himself; the only time he goes anywhere is to get heroin to help numb the pain. When a young boy is found raped and murdered, the police only consider one suspect. Hugh insists he’s innocent, but the police have a mountain of evidence against him. Brodie, however, feels like he must try and help his childhood friend out. Along with Samantha Campbell, an advocate, Brodie heads out to the western part of the country in search of the truth. What he finds are troulesome priests, corrupt cops and a deadly gang. As time runs out for Hugh, the murder count increases.

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