DS Jack MacKinnon is a series of police procedural books by author D.S. Butler. The series is set in London, England and follows a group of police detectives led by DS Jack MacKinnon.

D.S. Butler is actually a pen name for the author, Danica. She is the author of multiple mysteries and psychological thrillers as well as the DS Jack MacKinnon series. She also writes under the pen names of Dani Oakley and Danica Britton. The first book in the Jack McKinnon series was called Deadly Obsession and it was released in the year 2012.

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Publication Order of DS Jack Mackinnon Books

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The first book in this series is called Deadly Obsession. The book features a killer with a, you guessed it, deadly obsession. A young girl named Anya Blonski has gone missing and Detective Jack MacKinnon is on the case. She was obsessed with fame and that obsession leads him to the Star Academy. The owners of this place are shady and thrive on people’s obsession with fame. It seems that the owners of this place offer fame, but it comes with a price. When a second girl goes missing, MacKinnon worries that there may be a serial killer on the loose and ramps up his investigation to solve this one before the killer strikes again.

Another good book in this series is called Deadly Payback. A literary agent is found murdered with his body bloated and disfigured in a prestigous London hotel. The case has some connection to that of a personal trainer that was found in a car park, but what? That’s what Detective Sergeant MacKinnon aims to find out as he investigates this case. There is someone who wants these people dead and it’s his job to figure out why.

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