Ella Clah by Aimee David Thurlo
Ella Clah is the central character in a series of mystery/police procedural novels by American authors Aimee Thurlo and David Thurlo. Ella Clah is a former FBI agent who now works as a Special Investigator for the Navajo Police Department. The series is set in Shiprock, New Mexico.

Aimee and David Thurlo began their Ella Clah series, their best known work, in 1995 with the novel Blackening Song. The series is currently ongoing. Below is a list of Aimee and David Thurlo’s Ella Clah books in order of when they were originally released (which is the same as their chronological order):

Publication Order of Ella Clah Books

(By: Aimée Thurlo, David Thurlo)

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Ella Clah Synopsis: Ella Clah debuts in the novel Blackening Song by Aimee & David Thurlo. Ella Clah is an FBI agent who returns to the reservation after her father, a minister, is killed in ritualistic fashion. Due to the nature of the murder, Ella suspects her brother, who is a medicine man. Because the tribe, FBI or local authorities won’t co-operate, she must navigate the struggle between the old guard and the new ways of the Navajo in order to find out who had killed her father.

After solving her father’s murder, Ella Clah returns in Death Walker by Aimee & David Thurlo. She has learned a lot about herself and her people from the experience, and now knows that there is more to the world than science. Now a Special Investigator with the Navajo Police, Ella is tasked with investigating the murder of “living treasures,” Navajos with extensive religious knowledge and cultural wisdom.

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